About us

IPLAN a strategic ally • Custom Solutions • Global Vision project

IPLAN GESTIÓN INTEGRAL S.L. is a company linked to services  PROJECT MANAGEMENT developed mainly in two sectors: Energy and Civil Works.

IPLAN GESTIÓN INTEGRAL S.L. It is formed by a multidisciplinary group of specialists in different areas of Engineering, Project Management and Construction, with a high degree of specialization, professionalism, analytical skills and experience, able to develop ideas contributing value to projects by points different and alternative views, allowing us to offer quality services reliably ensuring the success of the work may be entrusted to them.

IPLAN GESTIÓN INTEGRAL S.L. comprehensively studied the needs of each client and offers customized solutions, analyzing each particular case and proposing alternatives that fit in every situation.

IPLAN GESTIÓN INTEGRAL S.L. experience in management of works allow you to guarantee the capacity for the integrated management of projects related to energy and construction sector, since the preliminary phase prior to the start of construction procedures (management with public bodies, processing … etc.) until phase Construction in all specialties.

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